“Committed to provide low cost, prompt professional service"
      Copier Cures LLC owner, Doug James began repairing Copiers and Printers in 1992 for 12 years with Xerox. Was trained by the Xerox technicians who helped develop the first Xerox machines sold in the mid 1960's. 

      Since 1992 Doug has attained upwards of 65 certifications including Sharp copiers, Toshiba Copiers, Kyocera and Copystar as well as Xerox Copiers. He is solely responsible for solving the problems that our customers have.

      In 2010 he saw a need for businesses to have an "on call" service technician that was easially accessable, gave free advise over the phone and charged reasonably for on site service. People needed a small service business more oriented to service and solutions than meeting a quota or paying for high overhead.

      Copier Cures LLC was started with the idea of providing businesses with a technician that is always a phone call away. Offering personal service rather than corporate red tape.

      Copier Cures is committed to provide lower cost , prompt professional service. Working closely with their customers to provide them what they need when they need it.... 

Doug James
Owner Copier Cures LLC 
It's All About​
Customer Service