Service Rates​​


Please know that we do not
work on inkjet printers.....
(Cheaper to buy another...)

Know What to Expect with
Flat Rate Service Fees !!!

Service Fees Are Just One of These 3 Flat Rates-  No per Hour...

Travel may apply on service calls outside of Tulsa County



This fee applies for service on a large stand-alone copier printer fax. If technician has to come back with parts. You are still only charged $85. Parts cost is based on a fair market value

Desktop Copier/Printer MFP


Desktop copiers have evolved to printers that in most cases cannot be fixed feasably and it is best to purchase another. In the cases when a service call is warranted and can be repaired $65 is the rate. When can't be fixed $45 only will be charged 

Minimum Trip Fee


This is the trip charge when copiers and printers can't be fixed or simple fix was applied (such as turning the machine on) or something along these lines. 

All Calls Done On Site.
​​Parts are not included but every effort is made for cost to be reasonable. In some cases it is possible for customer to purchase there own parts off Amazon or Ebay.
​​Payment is due at the completion of service. Other arrangements need to be approved